2009 Station Remodel

2010: Here's a picture of the finished product.

The new building

December 29, 2009: Construction was substantially complete in early November. We've been busy working on finishing details.

August 3, 2009: We broke ground on the Las Cumbres Fire Station remodel today. You can follow the progress at our remodel blog.

Remodel Fund Raising Drive

March, 2009: We have been planning a renovation of our Las Cumbres Fire Station, scheduled for this summer. We are raising money to help pay for the project! What's driving the remodel? The engine currently housed at Las Cumbres Station will be replaced soon, and unfortunately, the station is too small to fit the replacement. We will take this opportunity to raise the doors to a standard 12 feet and to make the station deep enough to accommodate any future engine or water tender.

Although the station is owned by the Las Cumbres community, the entire South Skyline response area benefits from the equipment in the station and the personnel who respond from it. If you are a South Skyline resident, or a hiker/climber who frequents Castle Rock State Park, or a motorcyclist who enjoys traveling highways 35 and 9 through South Skyline, please consider contributing to our remodel drive! Contact us for more information.

Current LC Station
Proposed station.


Some FAQ around the remodel and South Skyline:

Why is the engine at Las Cumbres Station being replaced?
The engine is at the end of its service life. As well, it is not classified as a structure attack engine in the eyes of various insurance organizations which could have a negative effect on home insurance rates.

What is the replacement engine? Initially, the replacement engine will be a reserve engine capable of pumping 1000 gpm and fitting all of the definitions of a structure attack (type 1) engine. Sometime later, this will be replaced with a new engine, subject to available county funds.

How much will the remodel cost?
We have a tight budget of $195,000 for this very focused remodel.

Are you getting funding from Santa Cruz County?
The county is waiving our permit fees. Santa Cruz County Fire will be providing some hardware which is required for new or modified fire stations.

Are you getting funding from Las Cumbres?
Yes, since Las Cumbres owns the station, a substantial part of the cost will come from Las Cumbres reserve funds and resident assessments.

Who provides EMS and fire protection services for South Skyline residents?
South Skyline (in Santa Cruz County) is part of County Service Area 48 (CSA48). EMS and fire protection are provided by Santa Cruz County Fire, specifically by CalFire at Saratoga Summit and South Skyline Fire & Rescue. SSF&R is an all volunteer company. SSF&R operates one engine out of the station at Saratoga Summit, and an engine and a light rescue out of the Las Cumbres Fire Station. Santa Cruz County Fire is administered by CalFire.

What is your response area?
Our response area extends from Highway 35 at Bear Creek Rd up to the San Mateo County line on 35, and along Highway 9 from 35 down to 236. There are approximately 200 residences in our response area.

How many 9-1-1 calls do you respond to in a year?
In recent years, it has averaged around 120 per year. In 2008, we responded to 163 incidents.

What type of incidents?
Santa Cruz County Fire is a full-service department. We respond to fires, motor vehicle accidents, medical aid, trail and climbing rescues in Castle Rock State Park and elsewhere, trees/wires down, and public assistance incidents, to name a few.

How are you dispatched?
The Cal Fire Felton Command Center dispatches us via radio pagers. For incidents in our response area, we are paged at the same time as the Cal Fire station at Saratoga Summit.

Do you ever go into other counties on incidents?
Santa Cruz County Fire has agreements with adjoining agencies to provide automatic and mutual aid on request. We are called to a good number of incidents on Highway 9 in Santa Clara County. We also go to some calls in San Mateo up to Alpine Road and occasionally further.