• Engine 2911 is a 2016 Spartan MetroStar chassis, built up by Hi-Tech Emergency Vehicle Service in Oakdale, California. In comparison to the engine it replaced, it has almost 50% more storage, a bigger pump, and carries 10% more water, yet it is shorter in overall length. It has seating for 6, a 1500 GPM pump, a 650 gallon tank, and a dedicated compartment for rescue equipment. This engine will be first out to nearly all calls.


  • Engine 2936 is a 2018 Type 3 fire engine built on an International 4X4 chassis by Hi-Tech Emergency Vehicle Service in Oakdale, California. It has a 500 GPM pump with pump-and-roll capability, and a 500 gallon tank. Its mission is wildland firefighting.


  • Water Tender 2951 is a 2011 Kenworth T370 built by Fouts Brothers, with a 500 GPM pump and a 3000 gallon water tank. This resource is very useful for fire suppression in all three counties in our immediate response area and beyond. The presence of a mobile water source will have a positive impact on the ISO rating for many homes in our area.


  • Utility 2991 is a 2017 4WD Ford F350. It has an Extendobed slide-out cargo bed which carries all types of medical and rescue gear, and some fire suppression tools. It can be converted to move a patient a short distance, for example, from an off road location to a waiting ambulance. It has an extensive LED scene lighting package to light up the night and will also help with driving off-pavement.