Mission and History

The mission of South Skyline Fire & Rescue is to respond to all types of emergencies in order to preserve life and protect property in the South Skyline area. Our primary response area runs along Highway 35 from Bear Creek Road, North to the San Mateo County line; South on Highway 9 to Highway 236. We respond into Santa Clara County and San Mateo County on request via mutual and automatic aid agreements.

South Skyline Fire & Rescue began as two separate volunteer companies in Santa Cruz County, California, in 1974 - itself, and Las Cumbres Fire & Rescue. SSF&R operated out of the Saratoga Summit CDF fire station, and LCF&R out of a fire station in a small community some 6 miles away. Both volunteer companies were absorbed into Santa Cruz County Fire in the 1980's, with SSF&R also receiving some support from San Mateo County. As the response areas of the two volunteer fire companies grew and increasingly overlapped, it was decided to merge the two companies into a single unit under the SSF&R banner in 2006.

SSF&R currently operates one Type-1 engine, one Type-3 engine, one water tender, and a utility (pickup) out of the two stations.